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Our string cheese products are all 100% natural, preservative and additive free. Our fresh curd cheese is cooked, stretched, hand braided, and packaged in state of the art air-tight shrink bags to guarantee quality and shelf life.

Cheese That We Know you'll love

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Original String Cheese

A traditional cheese that is made from 100% whole cow's milk and seasoned with mahleb, nigella seeds and a pinch of salt. This all natural cheese is mild, moist, smooth with a nutty accent. Snow white in color, this cheese has a 120 day shelf life from the date of manufacture. Packaged 20/8oz. Available without seeds.

Ingredients: Pasturized Whole Milk, Vinegar, Enzymes, Black Nigella Seeds, Mahleb, Salt
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Hickory Smoked String Cheese

Our Original String Cheese (sans nigella seeds) is gently smoked with all natural wood chips for a smooth aroma and abundant taste. It is wonderfully intense and rich in color and flavor. This cheese has a 150 day shelf life from the day of manufacture. Packaged 20/8oz.

Ingredients: Pasturized Whole Milk, Vinegar, Enzymes, Salt, Natural Hickory Smoke

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Marinated String Cheese

Our Original String Cheese (sans nigella seeds) is marinated overnight in a bouquet of spices. Olive Oil, parsley, garlic, red pepper and oregano make this cheese not to be missed. Shelf life is 120 days from manufacture.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Whole Milk, Vinegar, Enzymes, Olive Oil, Garlic, Red Pepper, Parsley, Salt
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Chopped Italian Marinated
String Cheese

Our chopped Armenian String Cheese tossed with aromatic herbs and a punch of red pepper flakes. Available in a 5lb cryovac bag.

Our Italian Marinated String Cheese is the perfect compliment to your restaurant or deli. Serve this flavorful cheese on a green salad or toss it with pasta for a delicious & unique alternative to mozzarella.

Italian Marinated String Cheese is excellent in an antipasto salad. Our Italian Marinated String Cheese also melts incredibly well! Place our cheese on a pizza, burger, chicken breast, or stuff it into a panini and heat until the cheese is melted. Yummy!
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Syrian Cheese is fresh and buttery tasting, but not quite as salty as Halloumi. Just slice and fry this cheese in olive oil as you would Halloumi. Or enjoy this cheese sliced with bread, tomatoes, or cucumber. A simple, unripened cheese made from fresh curd. Syrian Cheese is delicately flavored but not bland. Slightly chewy in texture with a faint scent of freshly pressed curd. Each unit is approximately 12oz.

Once You Have Sun-ni's Hummus

No Other Will Do

We here at Sun-Ni make hummus like it oughta be made ~ fresh & creamy. Our hummus is a silken mash of chickpeas, garlic, oil and lemon. We only use the freshest ingredients. Real ingredients. (no powdered spices or flavor additives).

Once you have Sun-Ni’s Hummus, no other hummus will do. Our micro-manufacturing process ensures that the quality and flavors are consistent every time.

Hummus Like It Oughta Be

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A creamy concoction of chic peas, raw garlic, and lemon.
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Sweet Fire-roasted
Red Pepper Hummus

Accented with the mellow sweetness of roasted red peppers.
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Dill Hummus

A compelling combination made with imported dill herb.
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Roasted Garlic

Featuring additional chunks of fresh whole roasted garlic.
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Jalapeño Pepper

This hummus has heat! Deliciously refreshing, spicy, and hot!
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Sun Dried Tomato

Real bits of California sun dried tomatoes sprinkled throughout.