About Sun-Ni Cheese

When Kosrof DerOhanessian immigrated to this country in 1925 from Armenia, he didn’t have much more than the clothes on his back. With much determination and support from his family, he transformed the tradition of manufacturing exceptional all natural Armenian String Cheese in America.

Top skills and dedication to premium quality, and outstanding customer service, have all proved that a small family could become a nationally renowned cheese manufacturer. By using the highest quality whole-milk cow curd, The Sun-Ni Cheese Company produces the best Armenian String Cheese on this side of the Atlantic. Each piece of Sun-Ni String Cheese is still being braided by hand. The Sun-Ni name is derived from Kosrof’s two daughters Sunny and Nina who joined the venture in 1971.

Where you can Find us

Sun-Ni caters to upscale specialty and gourmet stores, supermarket chains, food service distributors and farmers markets.