Sun-Ni Cheese
By using the highest quality pasteurized whole cow's milk, The Sun-Ni Cheese Company produces the best Armenian String Cheese on this side of the Atlantic
Celebrate Late Summer Pasta with Fresh Tomato, Cheese and Basil Sauce
Start water boiling for your favorite pasta.

Combine in a bowl and set aside:
Fresh ripe tomatoes, 1" chunks, with their own juice
Basil leaves, stack and quarter with scissors (or tear the leaves if you're so inclined)
Sun-Ni Marinated String Cheese, cut in 3/4" length
Generous swig of best quality olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook your pasta per the package directions, immediately drain pasta and place it in large serving bowl.
Spoon the fresh tomato and cheese mixture on top.
Let your guests admire the dish and dig in, swirling the sauce through the hot pasta, and serving themselves. With warmed crusty bread you have a complete meal.

Pizza Panini
Fresh Ciabbata Rolls
Traditional Marinara (in jar)
Sun-Ni Marinated String Cheese
Sliced Pepperoni
Arugula Leaves

Split rolls in half
Slice cheese into medallions
Spread Marinara on one side of bread
Layer pepperoni, cheese and arugula on bread.
Top with other half of bread
Wrap sandwich in tin foil and toast or grill for approx. 15 minutes at 375 degrees. Or place in a Panini/Grill press for 4 minutes per side.

Vegetaian Pita Sandwich

1 Pita Bread with Pockets
Tomato slices
Cucumber slices
Baby Spinach leaves
Two pinches of Alfalfa Sprouts
3 oz. Sun-Ni Hummus
1 oz. Sun-Ni String Cheese (any variety)
Cut pita bread in half and open pockets. Spread hummus inside pita pockets. Stuff with each of the remaining ingredients. Serve.

Pita Chips
Monica Whitcomb, Broomall PA

Pita chips are a perfect companion with string cheese, especially
pesto, as well as our hummus products.

Cut some pita bread into small triangles, spray with olive oil, lightly dust with cumin, and bake in a preheated 350-degree oven until lightly browned, about 10-15 minutes.

(This is particularly good with our pesto cheese as the cumin balances the salt and mixes oh so well with the basil, pine nuts, walnuts, and nigella seeds in pesto cheese.)

Spicy Grilled Cheese
1 Pita Bread with Pockets
4 oz. Marinated String Cheese
Cut pita bread in half and open pockets. Stuff each half with approx. 2 oz. Italian Marinated String Cheese. Place pita pockets in oven at a temperature of 300 degrees*. Remove and serve immediately when cheese is melted and pita is toasted.
*Can be cooked on a panini oven

Gourmet Cheese Pizza
1 Pita Bread with Pockets
4 oz. Italian Marinated String Cheese
Place pita bread on foil lined tray. Sprinkle approximately 4 oz. of Italian Marinated String Cheese on top of pita. Place in oven for approx. 15 minutes or until cheese is melted. Cut into quarters and serve immediately.
*Add sliced tomatoes or spinach leaves if desired
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