Sun-Ni Cheese
By using the highest quality pasteurized whole cow's milk, The Sun-Ni Cheese Company produces the best Armenian String Cheese on this side of the Atlantic
Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct 2, 2008
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Byerly's Market Bag magazine, July 2005
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Sun-Ni Cheese Completes Its Makeover
Food Industry Advisor, April 2003

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Cheese Wizzes
FoodLife, September 27, 1987 (Parade Magazine)
by Jim Quinn

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Armenian Community Born of Genocide
Main Line Life

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Market Basket
Hubba-Humms, Philadelphia Inquirer

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Mention in Nutritional Action as a healty cheese option.
"If you've never tried authentic string cheese give Sun-Ni Armenian a whirl. It's a mild white cheese that pulls apart in deliciously moist strips. The slightly peppery flavor comes from nigella (black caraway) seeds.

The National Dairy Council says Calcium May Help Those Trying To Lose Weight

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